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Area Representatives

Keeper of the Seal

Shirley Stewart
(562) 698-4612 (home)

Northern Area

Dottie Blake
(707) 642-7416
Lake Wildwood Women's Chorus
Soprano and Alto Singers of Solano (SASS)

Central Area

Linda Martin
(805) 708-4918
Santa Barbara Treble Clef Chorus

South Central Area

Katherine (Dolly) Berry ----(626) 962-5780
Long Beach Choral Belles
New Century Singers
Kathy Gast
(949) 262-0579
Burbank Singers
Harbor Singers
Verdugo Hills

Southeast Area

Debbie Schwartz
(951) 684-4048
Riverside Mission Belles

Southern Area

Deanna Solomonsen
(619) 334-4054
Sweet Harmony