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The History of the California Women's Chorus

The California Women's Chorus, Inc. (CWC) is a non-profit organization devoted to the encouragement of choral singing among women throughout the state of California. Under its corporate charter, the philanthropic purpose of this organization is to raise funds for vocal scholarships which are presented at the annual Convention Scholarship Concert. 

The California Women's Chorus is an outgrowth of the Mothersingers, a state-wide organization that began in the early 1930's, made up of women who loved music and enjoyed singing. In 1932, the statewide group became the PTA Mothersingers and an individual chorus was organized in Bakersfield. In the early 1960's, choruses from Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and Riverside joined together to present an annual concert of women's choruses from the entire State of California. In May 1969, the first Annual Convention and Concert was held with 178 singers from eleven groups joining together in song. The PTA Mothersingers groups were later incorporated in 1973 under the name California Women's Chorus, Inc. 

Today the CWC has 10 individual choruses with over 300 members from San Diego in the south to Bay Area in the north. Some of the choruses present musical programs of varied melodies, from old standards to folk songs, show tunes and seasonal favorites. Other groups incorporate costumes, dance numbers and comedy into their programs. Some groups have toured and performed while visiting Asia, Europe and Hawaii. The choruses mainly perform in and around their own communities at senior residences, hospitals, local service groups, churches and public concerts. In this way, funds can be raised for the scholarships which are presented at the annual convention and concert. Also featured at the concert will be three vocalists chosen to receive a scholarship to pursue their careers in vocal music.